Sunday, December 30, 2012

'Worst Business Projection Ever'

From Division of Labour:

From the Associated Press, Jan. 3, 1951:

Four of the nation's biggest athletic conferences will lead a fight against live television of football games at the NCAA convention in Dallas next week.

They are the Big 10, Eastern College Athletic Conference, Southwest, and Southeastern.

Ralph Furey of Columbia, chairman of a committee set up to study the effect of television on sports attendance, reported to the ECAC general meeting:

'Live television of sports events presents a threat to the institution of intercollegiate athletics.'

A special television committee or the powerful Big Ten reported: 'Live television has an adverse effect on athletic attendance, particularly football.'

The Big Ten banned live telecasts of conference games last year. … The Southeastern Conference voted unanimously to bar direct telecasting of its football games. … “

Well , that's one business that probably never made it.