Thursday, December 15, 2011

See No Evil, Arrest No Evil

The Occupy Wall Streeters' primary demands were that Wall Street be brought to justice for having caused the recession. And why wouldn't they expect action? After all, the president has been demonizing bankers and financiers (along with Republicans in general) since he took office. But, oddly enough, still no arrests. Flopping Aces may have the reason.
Information is coming out in drips and drabs. No investigating committee wants to turn over too many stones. After all, what Wall Street banker, who has given $1000′s or has bundled tens of thousands of dollars for the current president wants to take the fall for this. Do you think they will stay quiet? Do you think one of them is going to be arrested and then he says, “Yep, I did it all. It was all my idea.” No, if he is pushed against the wall, he is going to starting naming government names and government legislation and, more importantly, the names of the government regulation who told them, “Start lending money for housing to specific groups of people and we will buy these loans from you.”
I think he's nailed it. Honor among thieves as it were.

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