Sunday, December 26, 2010

Liberal Irony -- Unintended Consequences Are Us

The new census figures show that Manhattan, like its cross-country liberal rival San Francisco, is becoming more wealthy and more white.

Manhattan's diversity ebbing as city demographics evolve, new census figures show

Manhattan, the world's most famous melting pot, is losing its rich ethnic and racial diversity, new census figures show.

The island's black and Hispanic populations have decreased over the last decade, while the number of whites has risen in nearly every neighborhood from the Battery to Inwood.

Overall, Manhattan's population has swelled by 5% to 1.6 million since 2000, and educated whites appear to account for the influx, a Daily News analysis of census data shows.

The white population rose by an estimated 11% to around 928,000 in the past decade and, for the first time ever, the Asian population topped 10% at about 165,000.

At the same time, the number of blacks dropped by 6% to less than 250,000, census estimates show. The Hispanic population also declined 4% to about 397,000.

The same phenomenon is manifesting itself in Washington D.C., where great swathes of the largely-black city are gentrifying [Ed.: turning white] at a startling pace. What do you suppose it is that causes liberal bastions (Berkeley's another one) to reverse the very progress toward diversity that liberals champion?

H.T. Althouse

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