Thursday, December 2, 2010

Elite Is As Elite Does

The Huffington Post publishes a piece by [outgoing] Ohio Governor Ted Strickland on the Democrats' regrettable elitism.

Democrats suffer from an "intellectual elitism" that prevents them from adopting the type of populist tone to relate to voters, he said. And while President Obama had made a series of monumental legislative advancements -- any one of which would have been "historic" in its own right -- he fails to recognize that he is being "slapped in the face" by his Republican critics.

Which, of course, inspires several thousand frustrated, liberal commenters to respond -- many, many like this one:

It's lost on me that voters in the nation seem to dislike intelligen­t people.

When elitists, in response to charges of elitism, can only whine that their opponents dislike intelligence, then I'd say that the accusation is probably true.

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