Wednesday, December 15, 2010

"Dream Act may come back to haunt the GOP"

So sayeth the LA Times.

After years of courting Latino voters with a softer tone on immigration, Republican leaders in Congress have all but abandoned that posture, risking what remains of GOP support among the fastest-growing segment of the U.S. population.

The left has been warning the GOP for years now that it is endangering its own future by resisting attempts to grant amnesty to illegal aliens. But, as always when one's opponent offers heartfelt advice for one's well-being, this warning should be ignored.

To begin with, the so-called Hispanic vote is not monolithic. People of Spanish descent arrive in the U.S. from dozens of countries, each with their own dialect and culture. But the multi-culturalists -- ironically ignorant of multiple cultures -- know only to aggregate them into one big lump. The plight of undocumented Mexicans means little, however, to hard-working, legally-arrived Argentineans or Colombians (or Peruvians or Chileans, etc.).

And there is little, if any, evidence that Mexican-Americans in the U.S. legally are that sympathetic either. But the multi-cultis are blind to that reality, too. Just as, in their minds, blacks must be Democrats and gays must be liberal, so, too, must anyone with a Spanish surname be a comrade in the class struggle against Anglo-Saxon hegemony.

Some 290,000,000 people are in the United States legally -- either born here or arrived here after jumping through the hoops we set up to regulate immigration. The Democrats are in very serious danger of losing that group if they insist on granting big, fat exemptions for the border-jumpers.

I really should warn them.

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