Thursday, November 25, 2010


The youngest brother, his wife, a sister, my mother and, of course, I are here. Another sister and brother couldn't make it -- they're in Tennessee -- but, through the miracle of "free" long distance, we will be together many times throughout the day.

The conversations will start quietly enough with exchanges of turkey-cooking tips and proceed ever more tipsily through the afternoon as the phone is passed around from brother to mother to sister-in-law with shrieking laughter at tales of casseroles gone wrong and memories of past holidays. Eventually, we will all lurch to our respective tables sometime around six this afternoon. Six, which feels like nine as it's already so dark up here at that time.

It will be a good day, though my brother and I are quite disappointed that there will be no traditional western New York Thanksgiving Day blizzard this year. He more than I as he will be back in Charlotte tomorrow night and I will still be here when the lake effect kicks in with a foot or more of white for the first time this year.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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