Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Does Mara Really Think We Should Tax Tylenol?

Another "benefit" of the Obamacare legislation is that people paying for over-the-counter drugs with their Health Savings Accounts will now need to get a prescription from their physician. This will, of course, end what small advantages there were to HSA's which is completely by design. The program will die.

Tonight on Fox News Report, Mara Liasson attempted to play conservative devil's advocate by oh-so-cleverly pointing out that no longer would you be able to have your Tylenol subsidised by your neighbors. This is a beloved trope of the left -- that which isn't taxed is, by definition, subsidised.

Their belief is that all income and all expenditures are taxable and that any exceptions are just loopholes for special interests. I've even heard some claim that New York State subsidises food purchases for the wealthy because the sales tax isn't applicable to food.

It's a disgusting belief which attempts to do away with the concept that what we earn is our property. Mara was, by the way, thoroughly shamed by the rest of the panel for her unusually shabby behavior.

[UPDATE:] Now, here's an example of a real subsidy. A subsidy is the grant of someone's money to another -- not the tacit permission to keep a portion of one's own.

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